Monday, September 14, 2009

Today I gave Asano his present. He seemed to like it and he thanked me. Momi already recovered from flu and he's up and about again. Nakka didn't come today; no one heard anything from him. I didn't go the Downstair Lab so I didn't meet sensei. I stayed at Upstair Lab for a while before heading to Y-Shop (our conbini) to buy something to eat for 'buka puasa'.

I decided to make 'Creamy Mushroom Spaghetti' so I bought the instant Mushroom Soup. This is my own 'too lazy to cook' recipe. I think it's quite good and it doesn't need anything, just hot water; how easy is that?

After that I cleaned my 'temporary' room. Tomorrow I will be going out to buy some things before going back so I won't have the time for cleaning tomorrow. My bus to Kansai Airport is at 10.30 pm. But I will be going to the eki(station) around 8 becasue the last bus from kousen to eki is at 8. I'll 'lepak' around the eki until 10.30. After that, I can just sleep on the bus. Hehehe. Can't wait to go back~~

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Sunday

My Sunday is worst than my Saturday. Last night was 'Bleach Night' again... God, I love Bleach and I'm really into it right now. Beware!!! The Revival of The Otaku in Me.. Wahahaha... I managed to catch up until the latest episode. Of course, I watched it after finishing the war with my luggage.

I never realized I was going back for just a week (10 days to be precise). But when my sister told me 'the ugly truth', I was shocked because I was packing my stuff for 2 weeks. The truth hit me hard; I thought I will be able to 'enjoy' for quite some time but a week? What was I thinking when I bought the tickets? Oh, right.. I wasn't... (sigh). I was too caught up with my exams and research.... (sigh again) Well, you don't always get what you want; might as well make use of what you get..

So, after my 'Sleepless Night in Matsue', I still cannot sleep in the morning because the people from KuroNeko(courier service) will be coming to pick up my bag. They said they will be coming in the morning. So I waited, and waited and waited but even when the clock showed 12, they never come. So I went to the office, and met Katsukabe Sensei who was on duty. He knew they will be coming and he too was worrying why they're not here yet. So he made a few calls and 5 minutes later, the guy came and took my bag. Bye bye, me baggy... See you in the airport in 2 days... =D

After that, I slept for a while and even when I woke up, I did nothing. I watched Sekai No Hate Made Itte Q, my favorite tv show. Funny as always. Then I found out my fav sensei is the sensei on duty tonight. There was nothing much to do so I just watched TV.

Tomorrow I have my dentist appoinment and after that maybe I'll drop by the lab to give Asano, my research member his birthday present. I hope he'll like what I've got for him.

So, there's nothing much to write here or pictures to show. But I will introduce a few songs from the anime 'Bleach'. I like them and maybe you will too.

To: Mimie... This is the song I told you about before you went back.

Song by Stereo Pony; ヒトヒラのハナビラ。Love the lyric~~

Till next time, see ya later~~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Saturday

Last night was my ‘Bleach Night’. I decided if I was too tired; I would sleep. If I’m not I will pack my bag; I need to send them to Kansai Airport this Sunday. But being me, which is I was never good with making plan and following them; I went to my beloved laptop and after looking through my hard drive; I realized I’ve downloaded lots of Bleach episodes but never get the time to see them. That’s how ‘Bleach Night’ started. I watched more than 30 episodes and by the time I was done; it was already morning!!!!

~~~Warning: Otaku Zone~~~

I forgot how much I love Bleach and last night I was reminded why I like it in the first place. Everything about Bleach spells ‘cool’ and ‘kakkoi’ and ‘everything great and nice’. Hahaha.. Of course sometimes there are a few boring fights and sometimes you wondered isn’t that guy look like from another anime? Or isn’t his sword look like some weapon from another story? Well, there are a few weakness there but overall everything is great; the fight, the heart-breaking scene, the joke, the witty remarks and the ‘boke’ and ‘tsukkomi’ = NICE.

Like any other anime, the longer the story is, more characters come out. But unlike other anime who just concentrated on the ‘main characters’, Bleach was a world for everyone. Everyone have their own past, everyone is somehow related in a direct or indirect ways and for the first time since I started watching anime, I actually have more than one or two favorite character. Usually my favorite character is one from the good guy and one from the bad guy. But in Bleach, it’s hard not to love everyone; probably because everyone have their story and everyone’s story is told (in details) and you couldn’t help falling for them when you know their story no matter how sad, how twisted or how lame. Plus, not that I’m bragging but when if you can understand Japanse, the words they used and the sentences; the effect is deeper than reading subtitles. Only at times like this, I can honestly say “I’m glad that I’ve learned Japanese..”

bleach Pictures, Images and Photos

~~~End of Otaku Zone~~~

Of course after no night sleep; I was so tired and I slept; until noon. After I woke up, I did my laundry and started packing. There’s one thing I’ve realized; no matter how big your bag is (mine is very big = gedabak), it’s never enough. I thought I’ve limited things to bring back but only when I arrange them in a pile, I realized: truth never seems so intimidating. And because I’m not a good ‘packer’, in fact me packing = throwing everything into something and zip it up. My younger sister; both of them are excellent ‘packer’. They can fold up and squish anything in any bag and what took me one bag will only cost them half the bag. Yes, sometimes I feel jealous and I tried to pack ‘carefully’ but usually I give up midway; I was never the ‘perseverance’ type.

After finished packing (halfway), I decided to go out for a walk, buy food for ‘buka puasa and ‘sahur’, and maybe take some pictures while I’m on it. It was raining this morning and when I was out; it was cloudy. The weather just affects me and I entered the ‘blue’ mood. Today is Saturday, I was alone in the dormitory, my studies are not going so well, plus all the other ‘not so happy things’ and the blues just get to me. But while I was walking, suddenly there was a strong wind and when I looked up; the wind was blowing away the grey clouds and the bright sky slowly appear; it was breathtaking. I took a few pictures of it. And I was up and about once again. It was like nature was trying to tell me; behind grey cloud, there’s always the bright sky; it will surely come out after all the rain.

From The Gate

From Dormitory

When I came back, I meet Yamane Sensei; he seemed like he wanted to talk with me but I wasn’t in the mood to talk with anyone (except some people) so I just talk a little with him and when to my room. I did a little packing, did nothing ( what me n my sister like to call ‘nganga’) and surf the Net while waiting for Maghrib. This is my ‘feast’ for tonight and for ‘sahur’.

Mini Maru Soumen, Donbei Soba, Anman (Pau Kacang Merah)

Nothing much because I don’t have the mood to cook or even to think about what to cook. All I could think right not is what to ‘ask’ my Mom to cook for me… Can’t wait to go back!!!! There’s no place like home and there’s no food like home meal~~~

My 2nd post and I think I will like this blog writing routine. It's making me 'move around' to find things to write and pictures to show. It's a good motivetion to get me out of my room.

Till next time, see ya later~~

Friday, September 11, 2009

My own blog~~
My first post~~

Finally i managed to get over my 'identity crisis' and after a 'push' from my 悪友 aka Partner in Crime; Mimie, i decided to start my blog tonight; the night Mimie go back to Msia and leave me here alone... huhuhu

As some may know, i really like to write (stories etc) so now that i have my own blog, i cannot wait to write some of the things i've experienced and how i feel...
(of course after a proper censorship; i still need some privacy, right?)

Today is friday, 2009.09.11. Early this morning me and Mimie went to 島根大(Shimane University)... Not to play of have fun but to take entrance exams. the course i took was Material Process. There was only me and another Japanese guy (lucky me!!)

I think i did find. after we finished everything and came back to kousen, i went to see my fav sensei which is my research sensei (Niinobe Sensei) and i showed him the question and how i did it. he said my answer was better than he had expected but who knows, right? the result will be out this 18, which is the day the result for yamagata university will be coming out. Two in a row!! Kowai!!!!!

After that, Mimie and I had a nice day out. we went to our favorite shopping place 'Shimamura' and after that we decided to go to karaoke for a while; an hour. When we were about to enter the room i noticed that my sensei and a few of my reserch member were in the next door. what a coincidence~~

We had quite some nice time singing and we finally found our 'theme song'. It's 'Long Kiss Goodbye' by Halcali. Some people might know this song if they have the same hobby as i am: anime. It's the ending song for Naruto Shippuden. I really love the song so i told Mimie about it and she liked it too. We sang it and we decided it's the best song for our theme song.

After that we went to our favorite family restaurant; Joyful!!! We ate and as a treat to ourself, we ordered dessert. American Cheese Cake for Mimie and Milk Crepe for me. Yummy~~

Then we went back and Mimie packed her stuff and she left for Osaka. I was feeling so alone when my keitai rang. Guess who??

Hint: the only person who can make me laugh and feel everything's gonna be fine no matter how bad the situation is. Answer: Yuudai. He really knows when to call me or to leave me alone. Thanks Yuudai!!! I feel better after talking to him. Poor Yuudai is down with flu. He'll be having his exam on the 20th. Hope he can get well before the exam. Ganbare, Yuudai~~

Anyway, that's all for today. See ya later~~