Friday, October 30, 2009

I'm Happy!!!!!

I just finished my presentation that took almost 2 weeks to finish. I managed to do everything quite well despite my fever. I was wearing mask all the time since 'fear of infection'. Too late becasue my sensei was already infected with 'my virus' and now he's the one whose dowm with flu. Gomen nasai, Sensei!!!

Yeah!! I'm a free man (for a while!!!) Tomorrow, we will be going to Tsuyama for their Kousen Sai(Open College?). Yeah Yeah!!! It's been quite some time since I go out and just enjoy myself. I'm still tired because I couldn't sleep at all last night but I'm too excited to sleep just by thinking of tomorrow.... =3

Plus, I just finished tallking with Yuudai on the phone; he just passed his 2nd stage exam!!!! OMG!! I was so happy for him and I really hope and pray he could get through the last stage. (Yuudai!!! Ganbare!!!) We talked for almost half an hour; about everything, as always. Yuudai is a very nice person ... He supported me through my thick and thin and I'm planning to do the same.

I'm so happy today despite the long boring presentations. Now, those endless days of going through the books, facing the computers, staying back till dark at the lab, no proper sleep or rest, the headaches and the heartaches; the victory, the relief and the setback , the anxiety;; everything seem so far away and so meaningful; a nice memories made through hardship. =D


Saturday, October 24, 2009

~~Buzy Bumble Bee~~

These last few days... weeks had been very busy and tiring for me... I've been busy since I came back from Malaysia and I never got a good rest since. huhu

The moment I reached Matsue, I was busy with moving all of my stuff back into the Girl's Dormitory. I was so tired because a lot happened after I got out from MAS plane. A lot~~ I just wanted to rest but I couldn't.

The next day, I went to school (already???). Yeah, I had to do some paperworks and I had to start my reseacrh again. So everything continued at a very high pace.

After that was Kousen Sai. (Open College??) We decided to cook Mee Tomyam. The preparation was very time comsuming and I had to do my research at the same time. So I was so so so...... very tired when it was over.

Of course I didn't get to rest much because after that comes the presentation for our research. That's what keeping me very buzy right now. We have to prepare the thesis and powerpoint; all in Japanese. I discovered something; looking at both Japanese and English will hurt your head; like hell. My data was in English (some Japanese) but I have to read everything and re-write everything in Japanese. God, my head hurts!!!!!

Of course after this presentation, there will be more events and things to do. I am so so tired and I really really want a nice long rest. But I know it won't be coming for quite sometime. @_@

And I really miss talking to my sister!!!!! I know she's buzy too.. But I really miss talking to her.... And it's just been a week? since we last talked... I hope we can find a suitable time for both of us soon.... I have so many things to tell her .. O(>.<)O

Ganbare, atashi!!!!!