Thursday, April 26, 2012

Collecting Dust

Wow, it has been ages since my last post! I've been meaning to come around and write something, anything, everything but 'that' happened and there was 'that' and so I ended up not writing anything. I'll try to be a better blogger, can't promise anything but I'll try.

Almost a month had passed since the new semester had started. I'm still having a hard time getting back my rhythm as a student but I'm getting there. Most of my beloved juniors and friends had left this town, starting new at new places. Me, I'm still stuck here. Not that I really mind.

Losing friends and companies is a bit hard but I'm content that I don't have to face the excitement and challenges of starting anew. I'm comfortable being in a familiar place, it calms me. Yes, it gets boring sometimes but I can deal with boredom. I don't like changes. Yes, it's exciting to think how the future holds limitess possibilities but then again, it's frightening not being able to tell what's coming your way. So for the time being, I'm happy being where I am.

My final year project (research) is slowly taking shape. I already know my theme, my senior, and a little bit of how to handle the machines. It's exciting to be able to do research again, I used to like it very much back when I was in college. Really hoping that this time would be as fulfilling as the last and hopefully I would be able to produce somekind of a result that I can be proud of.

This year would be my last year in Japan, insyaAllah. I really would like to enjoy each moment and leave without having any regrets but then again, there will always be regrets, big or small. So I'm not gonna do the whole 'appreciate every moment and do everything I want' kinda thing. I'll just cherish what comes my way and realize a few small dreams and wishes; that should be enough for me. :) 

"Only you can do so much with so little."